Best Statement on Relationships?

"I don't have any advice for a good relationship because I don't think a good relationship needs any advice?"

Implication: If you really have super high chemistry with someone then, no matter how immature you might be, the fact that you both value you each other highly and get along super well will make you great partners. This is evidenced by a fourteen year old having a longer lasting less friction relationship than a forty year old.

By giving "tips" we're only enabling two people who don't belong together to continue cohabitating in an "low chemistry" relationship. Simply put the majority of people don't belong together to the extent of marriage or long term partnership. we "advice givers" are helping people with little to no chemistry stay together in an ultiamtely unsatisfying relationship by giving them tips to supplement lack of chemistry with "maturity" Girls, if you don't want to have sex with your husband anymore even when you change it up a lot in the bedroom its because you just no longer find him sexually appealing anymore (which is natural?) Guys, if you find your girlfriend a nag maybe it's because she just doesn't understand you like some other girls do.


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