Girls, I don't understand, why the fuck are you lying girls?

I got the feeling you just block guys because you realize they told you the truth. So why?

For example a guy can tell you you're lying and if you're really lying you will block him then... So why?


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  • Maybe the female doesn't want to go through the hassle of going bck n forth. I know I personally wouldn't. So I usually block. No point in explaining myself to someone who is not even worth my time anyways. I try to avoid headaches.

    • You mean than you don't like when a guy realises you're lying to him... So you block him then because of this?

  • I haven't blocked anyone on here. Didn't even know you can

    • Maybe because you didn't know you can... But now you know you can, will you do it in the future? That's the question...

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    • Yeah maybe!

    • maybe yes.

  • Well, it's also pretty annoying for people to say that you're lying when you're telling the truth.

    • When you tell the truth, you just have to tell :

      ''I'm really tell the truth''...

      You don't block the guy then... Or you're coward...

    • And what if they continue saying that you're lying after you say that?

    • They wouldn't... Anyway, just tell the truth... When you say the truth you don't need to block the person then... Because you know you tell the truth...

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