Should I go out with her again?

I've written about this before. I was in a relationship with this girl a year ago for about a month. She was moving way to fast and talking about having kids and that she loved me 3 weeks in. Over the past 6 months I started missing her and wanting her back. (I think it's more missing being loved) She contacted me back in October because she had questions. I figured since she obviously still thinking about me I would see where things lye and try to get her back. I told her that If she didn't want me and there was no chance of us getting back together tell me and I would never bother her again. She said it and I stuck to my word. So time went on and I realized it's for the best finally being happy with myself and being single for the first time in years. Then this past Sunday I get a random friend request from HER. I was shocked no sure what it was about so we started talking and she told me she not mad at me anymore and didn't like the way we left it. She said she would like to go out again but keep it "casual" since she is moving to Florida in June and doesn't want any labels. Just fun and sex. I don't want friends with benefits with her but I get why she wants that. I just don't think I could. I know I'll catch feelings and every part of me wants what we had before. I screwed that up. She is someone I've told a lot of personal stuff to and the first person that ever said they loved me so to demean that by being friends with benefits just sounds horrible. The thought of her being with another guy bothers me. Should I give her what she wants? It leaves her with the perfect opportunity for revenge after I broke her heart she can do the same to me now. Or do tell her no? I've told her the way I really feel but she said she doesn't want the same and she can't commit. So she knows the way I feel. Please help I feel horrible about the way I did her before. I'm not a bad person I was just hurting because of what my ex before her did to me. I feel that she is owed that revenge. What should I do?
If I do say "no" how should I let her know? Phone call, in person or via text? Or just not respond?


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  • There is no point in being friends with benefits. If you know you'll catch feeling just don't do it. You'll get hurt.

    • Should I tell her no? Or just not respond to her?

    • Tell her.. bt if she continues to talk to you don't respond her..

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