Guys, Does this guy really love his girlfriend?

He is 22 years old and he has a girlfriend and within the first 7 months he made his girlfriend give him head and insisted it go on Snapchat and he tells her like two days later oh I love you and I thank god for you in my life. Then when she breaks up with him he's post online oh what would you do if you only had one life to live. Meanwhile he hides this whole relationship from one of his exes. She contacted him and he's asking if she has a boyfriend and if she has had sex yet and he is saying he is single and is just chillin when two months later he is back with his ex. Now he is making his friend go around asking her relative if she texted him and still hiding that girl. I thought he declared his love for her after the video.


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  • nope, since feminism guys only want to fuck girls. Lets be honest... why would a guy want to be in a relationship with a fucking women if not for sex? LOVE... please fuck off. I hope he fucks this girl and leaves her

    • Why do you hope he fucks her and leaves her?

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