What's the best way to tell him I like him?

I play on a combined school jv hockey team with the guy I like and I want tell him that I like him but I don't see him until Tuesday and every time I try to tell him in person, something gets in the way or I get cold feet. I'd tell him at school but he goes to a different school than me. The team uses this app called teamsnap for checking yes, no, or maybe for going to games and practices and there's a roster section on it. In the roster section you can tap on somebody and see the contact information that they or their parents put in. I checked his and saw that his number is on his thing and I was wondering if it's too creepy to text him and say I got his number from teamsnap. Or is it a better idea to dm him on instagram or should I just try to do it in person next time I see him?


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  • Do it in person. But don't tell him that you like him right away, just ask him out. You might scare him off if you tell him without going on a few dates with him.


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