If you tell a guy you like him and he doesn't reply does that mean he is not in to you? Should I give up?

I'm 15. I told my crush via Instagram that I liked him. B/C no one talks face to face anymore. Lol. I waited an hour and saw that he viewed my message. I found out later that like two minutes after I had first texted he asked my SISTER for HELP. Now I'm embarrassed and don't know what to do. And he can't be dating my sister b/c is 18 what should I do?
  • No he doesn't like you give up.
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  • He likes you go talk to him.
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  • What exactly did you say?

    General advice if you like someone, unless they're like a long term friend you know super well, don't tell them you like them. Ask them something specific, like out on a date. That way they say yes or no. If you just have a crush on someone, and you tell them, they may just be like 'oh... okay?' they don't have a crush on you. On the other hand if you asked them out, they might have said yes, because they're interested in getting to know you more. Or not. Asking out to something specific demands a yes or a no answer.

    • I told him straight up. "I like you" we still talk and all but he never answered my question. and he smiles at me a lot but I won't know until he says it back I don't want to come off to strong about it

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    • well I just talked to him and we are going to the movies tomorrow. thank you for the advice.

    • Have fun. :)

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  • What did he ask your sister? And what did you actually tell him?

    • he was like I have a problem need help. she said what the problem and he asked her how he should break it of wit his girlfriend but he never texted me back tho

    • Mh that's weird I'd say ignore him or just treat him like you normally would
      Like if you told him you like him and he asked how to break up with his girlfriend it should be a pretty good sign. Can't be just a coincidence

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