Should I keep talking to her and keep interest?

Last Monday I was texting this girl I've been talking to for a while and she said she wasn't really ready for a relationship because she just got out of a long term relationship a few months ago. She said she would but she feels she is not ready at the moment. We still kinda keep in touch but when Saturday rolled around she started texting me first, double replying, and started writing long meaningful messages and keep it up this whole week. So this Monday I showed her a trailer to a movie and she was like omg I wanna go see this so I said would she like to go with me and her answer was "yes I was just thinking that we should". Did her interest change this week and should I keep investing my time into her. We talk 24/7 and have everything in common.


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  • I don't think the situation has changed. She gave you an honest answer claiming that she wasn't ready yet, but you know she is interested. She's obviously not turned off by the idea of you two being together, just waiting until she's ready. Let the chips fall where they may


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