Should I visit my boyfriend for him birthday although I have so much stuff to do?

I live 4 hours away from my hometown and my boyfriend.

My boyfriend came up to see me this past weekend for his own birthday. It was a complete mess. I was stressed the whole time.
It was also my best friends 21st birthday. And we spent Friday going out for her birthday and Saturday we went out to eat for her.

My boyfriend was really annoyed and we fought a lot, although I did take him out to eat, and we fought the whole weekend.

this weekend he wants me to go home to see him and make up for his birthday, but I'm so overwhelmed with homework. I have 5 assignments to do, and two tests this up coming week.

What should I do?


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  • What is your priority? Your studies or your relationship, because you only have so much time and energy to allocate, and either you will sacrifice your studies and risk that going poorly, or you will sacrifice tending to your relationship and risk that getting worse, so what is more important to you?


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