Should I give up on this boy?

So I met this guy at a party in November. He's a grad student, and I'm a college freshman. We were talking everyday and hanged out about three times. I mean, I liked his personality. Haven't dated before so I was all new this. There were some red flags though, like he forced me to kiss him and he was somewhat pushy. I can say I was naive and looked past them. He started pressuring me for a relationship, and I told him I wasn't ready because of school and uncertainty. He agreed that he would wait. Since the past week, I noticed how he stops replying mid convo. In fact, we haven't talked in almost a week and he texted me today and ended up stop replying. I feel like he doesn't like me anymore.. and I was starting to catch feelings. I don't know because I keep thinking about it..


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  • He's basically trying to get sex.
    Because you are not pursuing that he just gave up.

    And no, you are not catching feelings for him, you just liked the attention.
    Don't mix things, and plenty of positive chill cool cutes dudes everywhere.

    He doesn't love you.

    • Yes, move on, nothing extremely hard to do. Talk to your other people, do your normal live.

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    • Chances are he's going to try something sexual, minimum a kiss, so, if you go, be prepared to know what you want.

    • Okay. I'll let him know.. thanks.

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  • Sounds like he's lost interest because things weren't progressing how he liked, or he's playing games to try and get you to chase him. Either way I don't think this is the best idea and I'd forget about him now before you do catch feelings. Forcing himself on you like that isn't ok. You said yourself they are red flags so why would you want someone like that? He's going to be controlling in a relationship and pressure you to do things all the time.


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  • Yes, give up on him. He's not worth it. For one, he pushed you. For two, he couldn't hold true to his promise of waiting.

  • He's just playing with you. A common old believe between most guys is that if you stop giving a girl attention she'll seek it even more ;)

    • So what should I do? Move on or?

    • ask him to meet up and than you can easily decide ;)

  • don't worry. continue only when your are ready.


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  • sorry but he just wants to get into your pants


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