What are your thoughts on a woman asking a guy to the movies?

Women, how likely are you to invite a male friend to the cinema (foreign comedy) just to hang out when thats never been your relationship before? The only social events youve done together were in groups.
Likely sign of interest?

Maybe i phrased this wrong.
I (male) was asked to the cinema by a friend (female). This was a bit of a shock as that hadn't been our relationship so far. Only social events were in a group.
I thought just friends but then yesterday we met again and her actions made me thing otherwise.

Im curious if the invite is a likely sign of interest or something women would ask to do with just a friend even though she has closer male and female friends


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  • Perfectly normal 🙂
    Actually the guy would seem a bit surprised. But happy from inside.
    Especially if it's a cute girl asking 😋


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