Confused by this girl. What does it mean?

There Is this girl I like and everything was fine one morning and then suddenly one afternoon she started ignoring me. This was about three weeks ago. Things soon became awkward between us. I think she found out I liked her. So I then ignored her too. Not sure if that was the best thing to do.

On most occasions, when I see her we share very very strong eye contact until one of us looks away.
Sometimes when I see her she doesn't make eye contact she looks down but she gives me a smile.

But Yesterday, she was on the other side of the corridor and I saw her looking from afar and when I looked at her she looked away. As I left the building I looked back at her to find her looking at me again.

I saw her this morning she smiled at me and by the end of my he day everything has seemed to become normal like it was before she started ignoring me. We had a few laughs, I teased her a bit.
What does this mean? Why all of sudden has she become comfortable around me?


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  • It means she was being polite because she saw a familiar face.


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  • I dunno but if I were you I wouldn't bother with her. No need for inconsistent and childish women in my life.


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