How to talk to girls?

I hv rarely talk to any girls, i got nervous whn i talk to them, how to overcome this anxiety...
And how to keep them interested in me?


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  • You think like they need to be treated differently than guys. Lol we don't bite. Well some don't. Just treat them lile any other person and remain friends with them, the romance and love and attraction will separate itself when the time is right


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  • Talking with girls is like talking to anyone. The reason you're having issues with it is probably because you're trying to "get" something from these girls and you're attached to the outcome.

    Here's what I mean... have you ever asked your best friend what time it is? Were you nervous? Why is it easy to talk with our best friend, but hard talking with a stranger?

    Because we don't feel nervous talking with a friend because we're not trying to impress them, we're not trying to make them like us, we're not worried what they think of us, we're not in our own heads dreaming up fantasies of what might go wrong, or what might go right, etc. We don't care if they tell us the time or tell us to get lost. WE DON'T CARE.

    So when we talk to girls it feels different because we're overly invested in what she says, what she feels, and who she tells, etc.

    We hurt our selves by making that interaction WAY TOO IMPORTANT. We think "if she laughs and she likes me then maybe we can date and I can kiss her and my friends will be jealous and we can fall in love!" Or something silly.

    Or we think, "What if she ignores me and I'm standing her looking like an idiot, and her friends laugh at me, and then my friends see this and they laugh at a me, and then everyone laughs at me!"

    It's our EGO that demands each conversation somehow proves we're awesome or proves we're terrible. Ignore your ego and it'll shut up.

    What if talking to a girl doesn't matter? What if it doesn't matter if she likes us? What if it doesn't matter if she laughs?

    What if we slowly practice the idea that "talking to girls" is like talking to grandma?

    We do it for fun!

    What if we recognize that it's FUN to tell a story to our guy friends about that time some girl totally embarrassed us because she was too stuck up to be playful with us? What if even the worst outcome was just a really good story to tell our friends afterwards, and every good interaction is an even better story to tell our friends?

    The fastest way to get good at talking with girls is to PRACTICE CONSTANTLY making small talk with EVERYONE, every stranger we meet. Talking to the old guy in line while buying food, talking to the nice lady selling stamps, etc. Doing this constantly will make you REALLY GOOD at talking with girls.

    When you talk with a thousand strangers you'll discover nothing bad EVER happens. And your confidence grows.

    ~ Robby

    (My Blog )


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