Am I just worrying over nothing when I've got a good guy?

my age is wrong on here before you read and think she's 35? :/ but I'm 21 and my boyfriend is 28. Anyway...
I have this weird feeling of fear about my relationship. Like, I adore my boyfriend, I absolutely love him even when he's moody/grumpy. He literally is always there for me and looks out for me, I haven't been sleeping well and he's happy to pay for me to see a private specialist. But I somehow feel like I'm not giving him anything at all apart from me being caring, supportive and good company... I just feel like he might leave me eventually because he feels like there's no balance... he's turning 29 I'm turning 22, he's about to buy a house and I'm still at university and not working... it's never bothered him before but I feel like it might. I mean, I already know that he loves me but he's not in love with me and I think I might be the same but we're growing towards that in a way from where we were months ago.


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  • Please stop worrying! It isn't a competition. As long as you put into the relationship whatever you can, it should be fine. He's got 7 years on you, so is bound to have a job. He understands you are still at uni. He's accepted that, and I'm sure he not only wants you to finish, but to succeed as well. You and your life come as a package. He's accepted that and taken you on board, willingly. I think this is a good basis for the future!

    • Aw thank you so much for that encouragement. I think I've just been feeling like I'm not enough because i feel so lucky to be with someone who cares for me this much. Also recently, I felt worried that he wasn't really saying I love you that much but when stepped back, I realised, he was actually showing me he loved me through action and that's more important than having those three words said all the time.

    • You're so right. Actions speak much louder that words!

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  • instead of fearing that something bad will happen to your relationship why don't you try to improve it instead


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