Is he still into me? What do I do? Did he ask me on a date? Both girls and guys answers appreciated?

I am a high school junior and he's a senior and we've known each other for around a month. At first he used to text me a lot and he initiated most of the time, and then I started doing the same and afterwards he stopped. Now, whenever I text him something he either gives one word responses or doesn't respond at all. I see him twice a week in class at school.
He once asked me if I want to go snowshoeing in him SOMETIME cause he knows cool places and his frind vould lend us two pairs of shoes and I said I'd love to. What does sometime mean? He told about how he goes skiing with friends once in a while and how it would be super fun to play laser tag tohether. He then stopped talking about that stuff.
These are all things I really like doing? What did he mean when he said sometime, should I remind him and ask if we'll go? Did he decide I'm not worth it? Please help!!!


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  • Nope he is not


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