I like them both.. I don't know what I should do?

Guy #1
Been talking to him for a month,
we have things in common
he works a lot and don't hear from him often (he seems apologetic when he takes while or doesn't respond)
is willing to drive to the area I live in
there are some things that we don't agree on that might not work if we got into a relationship
He seems charming
he is a few years older than me
seems interested and ask questions
We've been talking for a day and a half
we have some things in common
He lives life unexpectly so whatever we have might be temporaily
He has had a bad breakup and has trust issues
He has been honest with me and spoke his mind says he wants me and likes me, says he is lonely, we've talked until 2 am we both feel comfortable with each other so far and both looking forward to see each other.
He offered to pick me up whenever we decide to meet
he is a few years older than me
He realizes how forward he was during our conversation doesn't want to come off rude, seems sweet.

I feel comfortable with both of them.
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What Guys Said 1

  • too soon to tell no harm in continuing to talk to them both and going on a couple dates to be sure you made the right choice. so far guy #1 seems like the best option but you should meet in person first like I said to soon to choose


What Girls Said 1

  • Wait a while and see


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