How to tell if a girl you like enjoys talking with you?

What are some good signs? Laughing, asking questions , eye contact?


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  • -You make her laugh
    -If she's extremely reserved, you'll make her smile
    -She keeps eye contact
    -She shifts her body in your direction, or can't keep her legs still
    - She will frequently break eye contact while talking to you if she's shy
    -If she's outgoing, she'll touch you. If she's shy, she will be nervous while talking to you


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  • See where here feet are positioned, pointed towards you is a good sign. Does she touch you, twirl her hair, laugh, move in closer, ask follow up questions... these are good signs.

    If she is closed off, arms folded, no eye contact, looking past you, and giving one word answers - it's a bad sign

  • Usually she'll laugh at jokes that aren't funny and she'll play with her hair.

    • Lol i loved that sentence " she'll laugh at jokes that aren', t funny" XD

  • Asking questions to you yes

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