Is it just me or is dating in this time weird?

After I had a kid i took a 2 year break from dating and having sex and the last few months decided to try again, the last guy (had sex with, no longer seeing each other) and this current guy im seeing (Not having sex but just kissing and holding hands) its like we hangout like friends and do dates but its gets dragged out forever and no one ever puts a label on it or decide to make it official. It isn't just me I have other friends who are going through the same thing. Its like everyone scared of the full commitment or label of being a boyfriend or girlfriend. I kinda like it because I feel I can still have my freedom and something about full commitment is over whelming which is strange because i never felt this way until after i had a kid. I still get affection if i ever get lonely (Which is does get lonely being a single parent) and i dont have to have sex for them to stick around which is nice. I find it weird this whole dating scene now but i kinda enjoy it, like im single but kinda seeing someone but its not official which makes me available. Its confusing. Anyone else experiencing this or seeing this become more common?


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  • Yeah, it's kind of weird.

    I like it because labeling things can feel suffocating, but I don't like it because if I have the option to play the field by not giving it a label... so does he.

    And if he's content with not having sex with me, then who else is he having sex with?

    Who else is he telling the things he's telling me?

    The lack of security when you actually like someone is frustrating.

    • YESSS! THIS EXACTLY is how i feel!!!

    • Hahaha thanks for most helpful 😂 But I hope you find someone who makes things less frustrating for you soon!

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  • I think your finally realized that sex is not everything when it comes to dating and a relationship.


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  • Don't know


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