Is he trying to get back at me?

Me and my ex broke up cos he found out I was talking to other guys behind his back although we have continued to hook up until 2 weeks ago. He went on tinder and started and meet thus girl shortly after we broke up and he tried to hide it from me and wouldn't admit it and when I questioned him he said it was not serious and he still sees us getting back together in the future. Then yesterday I found out they were official so I posted on my page that he checks that I was hanging out with another guy to get back at him he asked me about it and seemed upset but today he changed his profile pic to a picture of them 2 xxx they only met a month ago seems to be moving really fast despite the fact he still jealous of me.


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  • Way too much drama! Way too much! You are enjoying this and I'm sure you'll deny it.

    • Honestly no am so hurt

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