What's the most romantic date you have been on that didn't cost the earth?

With Valentines Day just around the corner, I thought it would be nice to share some low cost date ideas.

I took a woman I was dating out to the beach one evening. I had a picnic rug, a portable gas stove, a small saucepan, a nice bottle of wine, some melting chocolate and a selection of fruits (strawberries, cherries, melon etc). We sat on the beach under the stars, dipping fruit into the melted chocolate, and talked the night away.


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  • I want to do this someday for a date. Ride a motorcycle with my future girlfriend up to a viewpoint on a warm night with the breeze blowing. The stars are out and there is a full moon.

    • That sounds really nice mate. I hope you get to take someone special for that ride one day

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  • I've already bought the earth 8 times.

  • I haven't


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