When you meet a girl for the first time, I feel like it went well but I'm not sure?

So, I met this girl tonight finally after speaking for like two years on Facebook. She's kinda shy/introverted, she tripped up when she met me. We hugged. We were talking well she was I was kinda shy jumping in now and then. I noticed she was playing with her hair now and then too as she was speaking. She kept making eye contact with me. Saying "I was an exception" in meeting her etc as she was down seeing her family too. She's been messaging me saying it was I've meeting up, that it should been for longer. Was a short and sweet flying visit. And that next time she'll take me to this hipster cafe she adores. I feel like the first meeting went well?


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  • Yes it went very well :) Depending on who set the first up, suggest meeting up again soon to show interest

    • That's what I thought. I've got social anxiety. So was worried it didn't go welll. I was planning to go to this event in her home town, so messaged her to see if she fancied meeting up when I was there. She said she will if she's around. She asked me nearer the time like a few days ago, what dates I was coming up. So I said this weekend. She arranged to come home whilst I was here.

    • Heck yeah man, that's great! I think she's totally into you :)

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