She hangs out with my sister, is this good?

She's not my girlfriend yet, she's very shy and has been in deep depression cause her grandmother passed away awhile back, she doesn't really have friends either. But texts my sister with many smileys, with me it's all serious, rarely uses smileys, why?


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  • it might be possible she's just very closed off and your sister is her closest friend. maybe a boy hurt her in the past and she's scared. it also is possible she may not be into you


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  • You fail to make her laugh, cheer her up, when she bring up depressing topics or gets upset. Your like " awe sorry to hear that." Cheering her up and making her laugh is the best medicine. Now you also got to take into account that your not obligated. What to do? Look at you sisters texts and see what your sister is doing that makes this shy girl smile. After that you really gotta step it up and show more personality and make her feel comfortable and safe.

    • Thanks for your answer!
      I tell her how's she's doing and text her good morning, I'm there for het, but she tells me that she's good and doing well, while my sister tells me that she say all her problems to my sister, she's not being so open to me:( what can this mean?

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    • Hahaha your sho right about that. I'm laughing to hard right now. 😂😂

    • Haha yeah! She might like me, I hope! But she's maybe more confident around my sister cause she's a girl even if she knows me longer

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