How would you feel if your partner said this?

My girlfriend ( of three years) told me the other day that I never stay the same, that I'm always changing up things about myself, like my hobbies, my styles, the way I dress and act. And she said it's like she has to keep getting used to me all over again. I didn't know how to take that.

How would you feel?


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  • I would feel like... she thought I didn't know myself. I think people who change all of those aspects of themselves don't really know who they are... It's okay for some time... but then after a while, it becomes tiring. It's not a positive thing to say, in my opinion. Do you have any idea why you change like that?

    • I don't wanna be predictable and boring.

      I heard that's what causes partners to stray. If that's true?

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    • I admire your relationship... sounds very strong.

    • Lol. Then maybe she was just kidding about the whole thing? Like maybe it was just a passing comment as opposed to an actual critique.

  • Wow
    That is actually ideal in a partner
    I would take it as a compliment.
    Then probably talk things out because that is not something I would ever change about myself.

  • I don't know how I would feel but I wouldn't feel bad about it, after all there's nothing wrong with that, at least you're not boring


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