How do I get to know a guy better withouth seeming a bit creepy? ( University class situation) ?

Hello I would please appreciate some tips into his case

So about a month ago I began my second semester of university and in one of my classes I ended up sitting next to this guy and we would simply just sit next to one another and just smile at one another but no speaking involved, and then strangely enough he happens to be in another of my classes and anytime I would see him we would smile at one another and at times when our eyes locked his face would turn red ! and even at times he would try to catch a glance at me anytime he thought I wasn’t looking in which I would catch him staring ! So On Wednesday he finally began a conversation and asked me if I was in his other class and we just finally began speaking about our classes and he asked me a few questions and then that was it for that day as we had to stop talking due to our lecture resuming ! I would love to get to know him better so I would love some tips on how I can somehow get to know him without seeming creepy as I find him quite cute lol ! but I do not really know him at all except his name!
Thank you !


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  • You sit next to each other already so this is easy. Just strike up a conversation about the work one day. If it's just something as simple as "what did you think about that lecture yesterday" or "have you done your work yet for class, I'm finding it really hard to think of something to write". Even just "accidentally" forget your notebook one day and ask if you can borrow/use a spare piece of paper. If it rips it out and you want to be a bit cheeky/funny then say you'll promise to return a piece of paper tomorrow from your notebook.

    Just strike up a conversation somehow and over time you'll start talking more and more. Move closer to him in the other class if you can move seats. If you have one class with him straight after another, strike up a conversation on the way there and walk with him.


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  • Ask him where he is from? (What is his home town / province / country etc.)
    One of two things then can happen:
    1. Either you know about this place and you can talk with him about it determining what from there you might have in common with him and what he might like.
    2. You don't know about the place but you ask all sorts of questions about it. He'll start to talk about himself in doing that. You can take it from there.

  • Guys aren't that afraid of 'creepy' girls. :D


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