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Victor is 20 and an engineering major in college. He comes from a well established family, even went to a private school and such. He's a hard worker and a perfeccionist; he really puts effort into everything he does. He can be frat boy-ish sometimes -- he likes partying and takes it too far sometimes -- but he treats you amazingly, always being wonderfully nice and romantic. He respects you and treats you as an equal. He's really sociable and extroverted, and I mean REALLY. He has an overwhelming amount of friends. And he's told a few of them before that you were his 'dream girl'. He has ex issues though.

Chuck is 21 and sells furniture. Not that glamourous, but he's really hard working and honest. He's the quiet type, but after he gets comfortable around you, he's a very lighthearted and fun person. He's adventurous, it never gets boring with him. He's hot and gets your blood boiling, for better or worse -- he knows exactly where to put his hands, but your fights aren't pretty. He never holds grudges, but he won't ever talk about feelings. His family is his #1 priority, always; he has a baby sister, who he loves more than anything. He's kinda scared of commitment and has a certain reputation when it comes to girls.
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  • Out of the two, I'd prefer the second (I really couldn't be with someone who was a partier and super extroverted :( ) but there are red flags for him too.

  • Second but with the assumption that I become his prioritytoo


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