Could she be crazy?

My guy friend is dating this girl and has been for a few months now. Our other friends think she looks crazy. Apparently she follows all of these wedding sites and posts about weddings a lot. She is never single and is 7 years younger than my guy friend. I think it's okay but my friends say it's a crazy sign that she's always on wedding sites.


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  • Don't most women start planning their wedding since childhood?

    Honestly I don't think it's crazy, maybe she has a passion for wedding planning. That is a lucrative career by the way.

    7 years isn't a big deal the older you get.

    My one question is, how is she never single? She just keeps side guys and replaces or is the type to quickly jump into a new relationship?

    I'd be more worried if she was constantly on black magic and voodoo sites casting weird spells. This shouldn't be a concern, sounds more like they're selfish and worried that their going to be in a wedding party soon lol


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  • No she may not be crazy, maybe she has a thing for wedding.. Maybe she loves the beauty of it.. That does not mean she is crazy

  • No not at all


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