How do I talk to cute people in person?

I have a crush on a guy at school all I can mutter out is some small talk and then end it with "can I have a hug please?" he gives me a hug but still... please help


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  • There has to be something in common you have with him. Use that as an icebreaker to talk to him.

  • Well it's just about bein brave

    • I'm shy and awkward >.<

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    • Well ask him. Snapchats good for texting your crush😂😂😂

    • oh god. lol

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  • BAHAHAHAHA! "Can I have a hug please?" freaking lol.

    Well, for one, you probably feel uncomfortable around him. That would explain the nervous/skittish vibe I'm getting. It's like admiring someone from a distance, but once you get close to them you get scared in a way.

    I guess one thing I would do is to get rid of the uncomfortable-ness, either develop like an inside joke with the person, look at them in halls and smile, offer them high-fives or fist-bumps in the hallways, maybe casually tease them (it can't be mean or malicious in anyway, just something goofy) just do things to seem chill. ALSO. You probably know his name right? When you pass him in the hall make eye contact and then just be like, "Sup yo", or "Sup (insert dude's name here)" while you're passing so then he's like, "Whaaaa? Someone know's my name?" Pretty much once you try to contact them and you know their name they start becoming friendlier towards you. Just send out the calm-cool-and-collected vibe. Play the 'easy going' type girl. Desperate is undesirable.

    Another thing is don't set them on a pedestal either. If you see that person as your peer, because we're all basically going through the same thing, then it'll be easier to relate or something to break the ice. Another thing that helps is just being really frank about things like, "Yep. That history homework is gonna suck this weekend" or something lol I dunno what classes you people have, but, it's just useful to have the same class as that person. Don't like, stalk them though. Also, just be yourself. Be funny. Funny people are always really comfortable to be around. Have your own clean style and be confident about yourself. Smile a lot as well. Just be calm man. Don't sweat it. Also, have good hygiene. Don't fail any of the basic things because that could give anyone an excuse not to hang around you.

    Lol you could pretend he's your brother if that helps... xD.

    You could make funny faces, it's also good to make more friends because that tends to attract people. If you are like this lone flower stuck to the wall all the time people start wondering if there's something wrong with you.

    Good luck man! Sorry for the essay!

    • I already know his name though. he keeps asking me if I'm gonna be at the basketball games. and today when I showed up he kept looking at me when he could

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    • Good job man. Then just keep going and try to become friends with him and talk more and more with him.
      Good Luck!

    • thanks dude

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