Date confirming?

My date asked me out with a tentatively time and place mon. We chatted tues. Wednesday we set a firm place and he last said "see you there on sat at x o'clock."

Thurs went by. Fri went by. Do i go? I will NOT text to confirm. He knows i got a sitter and all. My guy friend said i should just stay home if he doesn't text me to confirm even though deffinate plans wete made.


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  • I'd go and see if he shows up. If he doesn't, than you have ammo (as you women love) to shit on him for standing you up. Especially if he, himself, set an actually date, time, and location. He's an asshat if he doesn't show up.

  • I always confirm day of, hate having my time wasted.

  • He will be there even though you would feel better if he confirmed one more time it's not necessary to him

    • But does tht mean the date means little to him?

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    • This is what i thought! And as a medical health professional i thought it super rude and weird to make deffinate plans and then NOT show up, as my guy friend told me to do if the date didn't confirm day of. I mean we have lives, right? And i hate daily texters. I don't know why my guy friends suggestion rattled me so much

    • I would show up because he made definite plans with you , don't know why you're guy friend told you that

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