I'm physically attractive to women , but not mentally. How can I fix this in order to be more successful w girls?

I'm somewhere between quiet and outspoken , athletic , good looking , a little funny , I take relationships seriously and I'm also a Virgin, although no one would believe I am. I'm also picky asf and won't flirt with a girl unless she's really cute to me. I'm often told I'm unapproachable or seem like I act as if I'm too cute to talk to anybody I'd like to know ways I can be more successful with women


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  • Things that make a guy attractive would be a willingness to GIVE and not just RECEIVE. If you have a mindset of wanting to brighten other people's days and be friendly to everyone, even if it doesn't deeply benefit you, people will respect you and appreciate you so much.

    Ask people questions and be truly interested in learning about them. Acknowledge even people you aren't attracted to or particularly like.

    Kindness always gives back.

    Oh, and smile for no reason at all because that's the sexiest thing ever.


What Guys Said 1

  • Go out and talk to people, especially girls. If you're unapproachable, it's probably because you have a resting bitch face, so you need to make the approach and talk to the girls. That'll show her that you may look like a jerk, but aren't actually one, and that you're cool to talk to.
    Also, this'll help you get more comfortable talking to girls, and when you find a cute one, you won't get petrified, and just treat it like the hundreds of conversations you had with other girls.


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