Why do people tell me I shouldn't give up on dating?

When apparently I don't know how to talk to women and more likely then not I will creep them out


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  • Because if you give up your basically proving them right and assigning yourself to being lonely

    • Ok but some people just don't have the necessary attributes

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    • I'm not fine with it but I'm realistic no girl is just gonna drop out of nowhere made for me

    • Well if your. not. ok with it only. you can change it

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  • Maybe they think you're not trying hard enough. If it's your friends it's because they care about you and want you to be happy.

    Maybe they think that you're a great guy and have potential.

    Talking to women just means asking more questions and being willing to listen, and showing interest in them for who they are and not just their bodies. Don't give up just because you think you're not good enough.

    • I'm 25 though

    • Just because people start pairing off in middle school doesn't mean you've lost your chance when you hit the 20's.

      It's whether or not you think it's worth it to you. Do you truly care to invest in people's lives or do you just want a girl cause everyone else does.

    • I wanna invest in a girls life, seriously I see couples walking around and the guy is not a real man. I'm a real man that has had real world experiences that you can't simulate or just talk about to know what it's like. I could provide for the girl seriously if I was in a relationship she would be the fire burning in me

  • Give up. Waste your prime time. When your old you'll look back and remember those great decisions you made.

    • No girl wants me and I'm tired of going through stress anxiety and depression about it

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  • Try to change something. Change your attitude. Become more comfortable with yourself. Exaggerate parts of yourself other people respond to well until it becomes second nature and a genuine part of yourself. Grow socially. Build those skills.

    Don't put girls on a pedestal. Just see them as ordinary human beings with sexual desires not unlike your own. Talk to them that way. Assert yourself, challenge their views, tease them, play around, goof around, entertain yourself.

    Stop asking girls out you are crushing on (won't make you very confident typically when you're dreaming about her before even going on a single date). Just ask a girl out when you think she's pretty enough and she's paying attention to you.

    • Dude I'm already a better version of myself

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    • There's even people who see me and make the automatic assumption I can get really attractive women

    • So you're totally set! You especially shouldn't give it up. I thought you might have been one of those types who might have needed a lot of tweaking in various regards, from physical appearance to fashion to approach and everything. Seems all you have to do is try harder.

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