Girls, How come so many women are never interested in me?

Women I try to talk to all have one thing in common, they're never interested in me, or some will say they aren't interested in me. I have confidence when talking to the women I like, so I know that isn't the problem. Maybe I'm just not an attractive person? I want all answers to be brutally honest in what the issue is. Don't focus on telling me on what i want to hear, and in case any of you wonder, thats me in the pictureGirls, How come so many women are never interested in me?


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  • Probably because your face is blurry. Or maybe because you're the type of guy that will post a shirtless picture of you to say 'yeah girls don't like me but I mean look at me I have the muscles and everything wtf is wrong with me'... maybe it's your personality.

    • You're misunderstanding. I get rejected by girls in person, and I dress nicely going out. Im not getting rejected, niether am I asking girls out, over the internet. Im more of a in person type of guy. I honestly feel like im just boring to the girls i talk try to date. I don't know

  • You look great. Maybe you're not finding the best crowd


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