My crush stopped responding?

So, I have a crush on this guy in my English class. I've talked to him before in person and the conversation went well except he was a little shy and avoided me the next day. He was giving cues and signs that he liked me and got extremely nervous around me. Yesterday, I decided that I wanted to continue talking to him, so I messaged him on Instagram and we talked for a bit. Here's how the conversation went:

Me: Hey Nick
Him: Hi
Me: How are you?
Him: I'm not feeling well, but I'm good. And u?
Me: I'm doing fine, thank you. What happened in class today, you left early?
Nick: whys that?
Nick: Are you ready for the weekend?
Me:I'm super ready, haha. This my only chance to relax and get school off my mind for a bit. What are you doing this weekend?
Nick: I cannot relax this weekend because I have work and I have a bunch of things to do so no relaxed time for me
Me: Oh man. I'm sorry. Maybe you can take some time off? But, there are a couple 3day weekends coming up
Nick: Are you excited for the three day weekends coming up I am
Me: I am extremely excited! I finally get some time to myself. I wanted to travel but I can't right now

After that, he didn't respond anymore but it shows that he read my message. What does this mean? Is he not interested in talking to me anymore? Did I say something wrong? I do know that he is extremely shy when it comes down to talking to me or even being in my presence


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  • You definitely didn't say anything wrong, you were quite pleasant actually. I think he is just being shy or weird, not sure but if your trying hard and he is not reciprocating then I wouldn't bother.


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  • yea you should of ask him what he was doing or something. you didn't give him much to reply back to. It could of also been that he probably got the idea that you wanted to hang out and he wasn't mentally prepared for that.

    • Should I let him initiate contact next?

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    • Yes girl lol see you were worrying about nothing.

    • glad to hear things are working out for you

  • You left him no option to reply back with. Should of asked him something after you want to travel. Gotta keep the convo flowing

    • Should I let him initiate contact next? I want to keep talking to him but I don't want to come across as clingy or annoying.

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    • The advice really helped! He messaged me this morning at 8 & we've been having a good conversation. He's also asking questions and seems engaged.

    • Well thats good!! Drop some suggestions for him to ask you oug!😛

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