Confused about my feelings?

There was a time when I loved this girl, would have fought to the ends of the earth to be with her...

I tried asking her out, got mixed signals but then I found out she had a boyfriend.

Seeing them together broke my heart...

She even said she wanted to get married ( but he didn't want to?)

I guess I saw some bad qualities in her, and since she had a boyfriend I gave her space...

I was doing well, until I found out they broke up...

But I guess I gave her too much space because she's dating another guy and doesn't want to talk to me...

I don't know, I feel hurt I'm not with her and that things didn't work out...

I don't know if I love her, Why am I not fighting for her? What's stopping me? I have doubt now?

It's a struggle... I want her, I'm hurt but then she might have bad traits, so I stay away but it's a cycle...
Help :'(
I feel so overwhelmed I'm thinking about her having an ex and dating a new guy and getting married :(


Most Helpful Guy

  • The reason you keep coming back is that your thinking to yourself what could of happened between you two. Because nothing did happen, you keep coming back to her even though she may not be the best person for you. Always easier said than done but I would just move on. If she has some pretty bad qualities that you noticed so you back off then it probably better to stay that way

    • I don't know, then I thin what if the bad qualities aren't true...

      What if she is an amazing girl who I'm just not good enough for? and I'm just bitter?

    • hey if you want more help try reposting it. maybe when most people see a long story they tippically won't read it so if you shorten it up a bit that would help

    • Yeah I guess :_

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