Casual sex/early relationship expectations for Valentine's Day?

So I've been casually seeing this guy for just over a month... we have sex and hang out at his house, and any dates are really informal i. e. pizza, brunch etc. We're both pretty busy so we only catch up once, maybe twice a week if lucky.

Valentine's Day is coming up and we haven't really discussed what the deal is. From past experience, what have you guys done for the day in this situation?


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  • See him, casually. I know you're not in a committed relationship, but you also seem more than fuckbuddies.

    Don't act like it's not valentines, but don't go crazy either. Feel free to tell him you expect to see him because you don't' want to be alone with your fingers on valentines day. Don't get him a gift, go ahead and wear some red panties.

    Basically just try to have a fun, relaxed time.


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  • That's definitely a but of an awkward situation! I would casually ask him if he has any plans and go from there. Good luck!


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  • If you want to get together on Valentines ask him to do so.