Should I tell my crush I like him while he doesn't seem to be interested in me?

I have been chatting with this guy who live across the planet for 7 months now. We met at an online app, added on Facebook, Snapchat, etc, and we text back and forth almost everyday (I stopped for a couple weeks back then because I think I like him too much while he's not that into me.)

Recently months things changed, we started to send selfies or daily photos to each other, have lots of flirting than normal friends should, and he initiates our conversations... I think I still like him quite a lot but other than flirting with me, he never shows that he's interested in me romantically, not even suggests that we video chat after 7 months of texting.
So first, are these signs that he just wants us to be friends and are not interested in taking things to the next level?

Although he did say he would very much want to meet me if I visit his country or he visits mine, but I feel like he isn't interested in me the way I am to him, in this case, should I let him know how I feel and make the first move (like suggesting video chats), or should I not risk our friendship and just leave it like this?

Thanks guys and girls for finish reading this super long question...


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  • A "no" you have, a "yes" you can get

    • Those are wise words... 😳 I like your thoughts
      But I'm afraid the "no" would sabotage our current friendship 😖

    • not necessarily. Talk openly to him and say you start to see him more than just a friend and ask how he feels. If he just want to stick to the friendship thing, then say you accept that and thats it. It not so nice for you, but you keep the friend.

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