Am I overreacting?

I went on one date with a guy I've been texting for about 2 weeks. He really wanted to hang out before he went on vacation for a week. He also told me he was going to have to finish making some items for his side business. (And he works full time as well) He picked me up and asked to meet my parents and he got along with my mom. He bought me dinner on Wednesday. It went really well and we had a lot in common. He wanted to keep talking to me so we sat in his car for like 2 and a half hours just talking and getting to know each other better. He told me he was glad that finally got to go out on a date. When I had to leave, he walked me to my door, my mom opened the door and he talked with my mom who thanked him for seeming like a nice guy and was going on about Christianity. I told my mom I wanted to say goodnight so she left us alone. He told me he hopes my mom doesn't hate him for being an atheist and asked if that would change anything between us. I told him it wouldn't and not to worry about my mom. He told me he wants to see him again once he's back from vacation and gave me a hug and a quick kiss on the lips. He said he would text me and he texted me when he got home and I thanked him again for dinner and he said he had a good time and he'd like to do that again. He texted me the next morning and we talked all day and he told me he was stressed since he still had a lot of projects left to finish for people. Yesterday, we didn't talk much and he was answering with short answers. He double texted me when I didn't reply apologizing for taking forever to reply and told me he was busy all morning trying to finish projects. I checked up on him later and he said he was still working on everyhting and asked how my night was. I told him and he didn't text me back after that but was on instagramming liking pictures related to what he was building. Is he still interested in me? I mean deep down I think I'm overthinking but want other people's opinions...


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  • wow... that's a lot of writing


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  • He may be sincere. He's just busy but if he's apologizing about not responding sooner I would see that as a good sign he's still interested, plus he wants to see you when he gets back. You haven't been talking to him long so its hard to know what a person is about so soon so do some things to keep yourself busy until he gets back and see how things go from there.


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