Should I avoid relationships for now?

I'm having doubts about my current views (I don't want to say whether it's my political or religious views). I was raised believing most of them. However, I haven't completely adopted the new one I've been exposed to. I'm just doubting my old ones. I used to slightly despise those who held these views I've been warming up to lately, but now I feel like they're starting to make more logical sense to me than my previously held views. I haven't made a final decision and I don't know if it will happen soon. It's only been a few months but I feel like it might take years.
This creates a dating dilemma. If I get into a relationship with a woman who holds the views I'm considering adopting and one day I realize that the views I was raised believing are more correct or if I get into a relationship with a woman who holds the views I was raised believing and one day realize that the the new views I've been opening up to are more correct, that could sabotage the relationship. I'd like to have a girlfriend, but I don't want to disrespect anyone or hurt anyone's feelings.
Have you ever been in my situation? Whether or not you have, please help me out here and tell me what you think is the healthiest and most ethical decision to make.
Should I avoid relationships until I figure out where I stand (which might take a while) or should I start seeing someone and see what happens?
  • You should avoid relationships for now
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  • You should date someone who has views similar to the ones you grew up believing (Please explain)
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  • You should date someone who has views similar to the ones you've been considering adopting (Please explain)
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  • You should continue dating women - What they believe in is not important. Just get out there.
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  • Ah, see, the more you ponder on it, the more you're going to conflict with not only yourself, but your partner as well. If you want to take time with a cattle ranch of various thoughts, go for it. Consider this, though. If someone comes into your life, someone incredible, but you brush them off because you're ostracizing yourself due to your thoughts, then I don't know what to tell you. That sounded a bit clunky, I'm sorry.
    If you're not too big on the relationship scene, then go for it.

    If it were up to me, I'd find someone who shares the opposite view to, at least, broaden your perspective as to why they've remained faithful to those ideas as opposed to bartering them for yours and find a consensus between both.


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