Is this a stupid reason to like a girl?

I have this female friend that i sometimes take he bus to school with. a few days ago we were sitting next to each other on a crowded bus and we saw another one of our friends, he came over to talk to us, still standing in the aisle and the girl next to me scooted onto my lap and gave him her seat so that we could all sit together, only getting up when we got to school 40 minutes later.

I dont know if she was coming onto me or not but it was nice, it made the dull ride to school much more awesome. She was wearing a short dress that day and, I don't know, it came of as more flirtatious to me lol. It would of been different if she was wearing a jeans or something. It was also kind of embarressing because the other people on the bus were giving us looks because they know we aren't boyfriend and girlfriend.

I've thought a lot about it and i realised that i like her now, even though i've never liked her before. it's like i see her in a different way, and im wondering is this a real reason for liking a girl? i just feel like a pervert lol, like i'm the guy who accidentally sees a girl naked and suddenly has a crush on her. the answers i get on here probably won't change the way i feel but i would still like to know if its "ok" to like a girl because of something like this


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  • It's not weird nor is it abnormal. In fact, I consider it normal that now you view her in that kind of way. I don't know, I wouldn't sit on a friend's lap while wearing a short dress, but that's just me. I know women who don't care that much


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  • Liking a girl in a romantic way usually involves having a physical attraction and enjoying time that you spend with her. So you are definitely feeling the physical attraction. Now you spend some time with her and see if you like her as more than just a sexual attraction.

    Don't feel guilty about this. She knew what she was doing to you and you responded exactly as she hoped you would. Go for it!


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