Is a blunt girl who is independent and proud of it intimidating?

I'm not mean. I'm nice. I listen and empathise with people. I'm by no means outgoing though. I work full time great job, bought my own house, have a car, a dog. I'm proud of it. And when looking for someone else, I don't want someone who doesn't have goals. And I don't want someone who just wants to bed me. I want someone i can connect with. Is my personality and outlook keeping me from finding someone? Or intimidating people?


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  • I don't get it, what could possibly be intimidating about anything you've described?

    Maybe if you define ''being blunt'' and give us a few real life examples we would get a better idea.

    • I have an interest in martial arts and doing things by myself. Fixing things etc. I'm a mold setter, better than maintenence pay. I wouldn't say I'm overly aggressive, but if someone tries to demean me ill point out their faults without holding back. Example, one of the guys at work, my age lives with his mother and always makes him food. I give him grief for it and call him a mommas boy. Side note: he calls me a dumb bitch for not doing his job (he's maintenance, I'm a mold setter)
      #2 People try to bully me into doing what they want, I tell them they're stupid. I'm confrontational when I belive something is wrong I'll say it. I won't go behind someone's back. I will tell them what I think of them.

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    • So I guess that could make me seem confrontational as well...

    • Perhaps you have become what you need to be to survive in your job environment which is to adopt, project and use traits that are more commonly associated with masculinity rather than femininity.

      That guy that said you had more balls than a lot of guys... imagine a woman saying to me ''hey, you have a lot more softness and estrogen than most girls I know''... Neither comments are a bad thing but in the context of your desire to find a guy, do you think they would increase or decrease your success?

      Imagine if my friends classified me as ''one of the girls''. In fact, I know a guy that had that said to him lol.

      At the end of the day, a mans masculine energy seeks to be complimented by a woman's feminine energy as I'm sure you are well aware.

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  • I prefer kind, sweet and easy going. Blunt can be bad or good. I like honesty but find lacking tact unappealing. Everything else you said sounds good (especially empathy). Being very young, you'll grow a lot I bet.

  • Unless you are Ronda Rousey and can whoop my ass, girls are not intimidating.

  • Might actually shelters you from a fuckton of immature fuckbois out there tho.
    But not all of em'

    However for a decent man or gentleman, that's no obstacle.

    In facts that will be something to love too about you, since this is part of you.

    However a really sorted out life routine and all, that can holds you back from dating IRL, it's really hard to meet peoples and stuff when you're enclosed in a daily routine all setup like Franc-Comtoise or Swiss hourglass.

    Online dating, social medias... all that stuff, might work for.

    Worked for me years ago, was lucky, and still happy and strong nowadays.

    • I realise that to some extent. I'm just curious if it keeps the good guys away too. I've tried online dating. Everyone I meet either wants sex or doesn't want to go past the computer monitor.

  • Yes but very admirable a girl whose like that


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  • Girl I have the same exact problem I am way to blunt and can be harsh even though it's coming from a good spot and throughout the years I've realized the way I word things to guys is what pushes them away. No guy wants a stuck up girlfriend they want someone that they can "hang out" with bond with laugh with if that makes sense. And if your seeing a guy and he doesn't respect the fact you don't just want sex from day one than honey he isn't worth it. When you meet a genuine nice guy that enjoys your company he will be totally okay and respect the fact that you don't just want to have sex right away and I know it sounds cliche and like yeah okay but they are out there.. I told this guy from day one I didn't want sex he came picked me up OPENED THE DOOR FOR ME I was like OMG did he really just do that because of how rare it is.. and he was totally okay with just hanging out with me and getting to know me and it happened to be one of the best nights ever for the both of us.


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