Im a guy: We have been talking and I told her I love her a lot but all of the sudden I dont think marrying her would be a good move. Read more?

we have been texting and talking on the phone for a year and a half

i live in texas, she lives in Asia. we said we love each other so many times. i went and i visit her last year for a 10 days. we bought each other presents and hung out. i told her i plan on coming this summer to get engaged to her. we talked about baby names, honeymoon destinations, etc.

but the last few months i feel its not a good idea. we are both arab but im American i have a different culture than where she has been. cultural barrier is tough. i feel marrying someone from my country is better.

should i consider breaking up or is it too late.
  • Yes, break up. its not too late. you're only in a talking stage anyways... and better to marry someone with same background
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  • Not too late, but dont break up
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  • its too late. dont break up
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  • It doesn't matter if you are from different places... if you love each other then nothing matter, listen to you're heart and not people on the internet


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