Guys, Did I Lose My Chances?

I knew him for 2 years now and in the beginning he had such a huge crush on me and I did like him too but i was in a relationship, recently I have been sleeping over at his place and we did have sex and he is affectionate but I started to become afraid of my feelings towards him because i am not ready so I told him its best not to text for a week and he asked why and I just told him i have my reasons. Next day my friends told me that what I did was really cold because I just left him hanging with why I don't want to talk to him for 2 weeks so I texted him

" I apologize for not giving you a proper reason for not wanting to speak for a week or so but why reason's are that i am afraid of my feelings for you"

So he replies with " Scared of your feelings?"

I said " Yes I am scared of my feelings for you which made me realize i am still shaken up from my break up to open up to you"

Than he gives me " Okay I understand, is probably best if things cool off for a bit I think"

Than this is where im wondering what does he mean? so I replied with " Would you want that"

He replies "Well isn't that part of not texting for a bit?"

Than again I responded with : I want to text you but I feel nervous after explaining my reason to you for not wanting to text for 2 weeks"

Than he ask " Why nervous?"

i replied with " Because I explained my reason to you and I am scared of your reaction"

Than he says " I think you need more time to be single and thats why i think it would be better if things cooled off"

At this point I was confused so i said " I was planning to be single for more than a couple months, what do you think needs to be cooled off"

His response really kinda ticked me off he replies with : You said your feelings were getting strong

I replied with " I have not said they were getting strong, I said I was scared of my feelings for you"

So after that talk we put that conversation aside and still have been texting each other but did i lose my chances to date him in the future?


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  • Dude, ykw? With guys, just be straight with whatever you say. When you go on by saying "I'm scared of my feelings for you", the dude's gonna be fucking messed up in the head. What does that me? IDK! Tell him what it means! And secondly, you've gotta sort whatever your insecurities are regarding being close with this guy cos sooner or later either one of your or both are going to end up friggin hurt. I'm going through that. It sucks. To answer your question, No. You haven't lost him yet. He still doesn't really understand what you meant. Please explain it to him properly and do what you have to. God bless.

    • The only reason i am scared of my feelings for him is because I just recently got out of a long term relationship of 4 years and it's just so soon to like someone so i am scared to get hurt you know? do you still think i need to explain things more?

    • ABSOLUTELY! Just go ahead and meet him. Talk face to face. Give him your time, that shows him that you're taking this seriously. Then he'll know that you're not trying to escape this but you're actually meaning what you're saying! If you like him and if you're already thinking about a future relationship with him, why screw up now, lady? Just talk with him, you'll be fine.

  • There is always a chance with guys.


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