Girls when a guy asks you out/or for your phone number and you aren't interested in him, are you put off, or do you still think well of him?

A guy you don't find attractive or you aren't interested in asks you out or for your phone number etc, obviously you say no but are you putt off, do you get weirded out and avoid him (if you see him again that is) or are you typically flattered despite not being interested and still respect him even after he shows interest?

  • Honestly if a guy I find unattractive asks me out or for my # I get weirded out by him, I do my best to avoid them and strange situations after that
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  • If a guy I'm not attracted to asks me out or for my # and I say no I still respect him and don't think bad of him, he's just showing his interest to see if I return it after all
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What Girls Said 3

  • I don't think bad I would just tell him I'm not interested.

    • Okay but after that if he made small talk just occasionally after class/work what have you, you wouldn't find him strange or be put off thinking he's weird just for keeping social?

  • i dont think bad of him but i would still avoid him

    • Really? Why is that? I'm not saying like he would hang out with you but even just small talk walking from class or something sometime you would avoid?

    • :))) im kinda old for this, im at that age where i can chose the people around me, i already have to pretend to be nice with people at work, why do it in my personal life too?

    • But you can't just be nice to a guy who respectfully approached you? I mean he's just doing what we're programmed to do

  • I would feel weirded out if he keep on insisting for my number on the spot

    • Read description, if he asks respectfully and doesn't pursue it after you tell him you're not interested. Even then you would be weirded out?

    • Then nope

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