So I really like this guy, he never starts the conversation how should I flirt with him and talk to him?

I've liked him for about a year on and off, but for the past 2 months or so I've really like him so much and I think he knows. Anyway one of his friends who I'm also really close to said I have to talk to him more, so that make me think I might have a chance so I pop up on snapchat nearly everyday and when I do he almost always replies and we have a good conversation but I don't know how to flirt which is a problem 😂 And also he never starts the conversation (maybe twice). I also don't even hug him but he does this thing where he goes for a hug and then rejects me and then actually hugs me which is this trick his friend taught him. Basically how do I flirt with him and hug him etc and why isn't he snapping me first?


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  • Seems like he isn't interested


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