Did this guy on my date get turned off because I'm going back to college next week?

This guy was really into me, we hadn't met yet so today we had our first date. And it went super well, and I know he thought so and liked me. He even started telling me how his past dates failed and how his and mine is a breath of fresh air. We went back to his place and chilled before I left. However, he seemed to look down or disappointed when I mentioned I am going back to college next week (an hour away by car) and during the week usually am pretty busy as I have morning and afternoon classes. We'd only be able to see each other on weekends (we didn't talk about it) but he also works at a cafe on weekends, and morning shifts at 5am. He also doesn't have a car, only I do.
Is he turned off from this? Should I suggest not going further or what?


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  • I wouldn't want to have to switch to long distance either. I enjoy physical contact (kissing, hugging, cuddling) with the girl I'm with too much.


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  • Yeah seems like it


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