Girls, Can a Nerd guy date a beautiful Model?

So the boy is a nerd type and he was not interested in modeling at all but unfortunately the girl he has big big crush on wants to be a model or I must say she is already a beautiful model. Guy is 20 cm shorter than the girl. The guy is good looking not ugly at all.
How should he approach to her?
Should he leave his geek works and start modeling? so that he can be close to her...

Sorry for my English :P


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  • yes he can. and no he shouldn't conform to what she does to get her. nerdier guys tend to always make more money and get hot with age

    • what is the role of money? will money attract her?
      how to go close to her? i'm so afraid will she be interested in me if i still be in my profession?
      and i know my height will not increase anymore. height will matter?

    • if you have confidence and go after what you want and believe so fully you'll get it then you will get what you want.

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