Should I tell my friends that I like another close friend of mine?

He gives me confusing signals that he likes me, but I still am not sure. He is giving me signs like slapping my butt, saying marry with the game fuck marry kill, telling me he loves me etc.(I know these aren't like "real" signs but it are small things that he would do in a relationship) Our friends keep telling that we would be cute as a couple but he keeps hanging out with my closest friends. They are all over him asking for attention (and the other way around). I have not told my friends that I like him because I am not sure if I should do that or not. Since our friends keep telling us that we would be cute as a couple and one of them even asked if I friend zoned him, I am even more unsure if I should tell them. I made a joke about confessing my "true love" and the one friend of mine , who isn't all over him, said his name so I said no. So she said that we would be cute together and I said: but even if I liked him he wouldn't like me back, and she said: you wouldn't know. They are giving me mixed signs and making me question the whole situation. So should I tell my friends that I like him or not?


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  • I think what you need to do is just be low key. Since you are unsure and really care about how your friends would feel about it, just continue to tell them that you don't like him, but give him a few advances without your friends knowing and test it for yourself on if he likes you back. But if you let your friends know everything they will honestly ruin it for you.

    • Well I'm low key and they are already ruining it. I am scared that if I keep being low key that one of them will ruin it for me and start dating him or so.

    • so they're already giving him advances but they see that he has more interest in you? tbh they might be jealous since you give the impression that you don't like him. But yeah, if you want to try something, try now before they act.

    • Well I told one of my friends who is not interested in him and she does not think that my other friends are interested in him. I'm really trying to give him some hints that I like him but it just doesn't work. Yesterday in class I kept staring at him and he at me and when I saw him looking he looked away and I did the same...

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  • Go for it. Date him


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