About my dentist... Here's what happened with my dentist, briefly describing overall, he was really nice, extremely nice to the point where when he would describe my teeth ex: "have you notice the space you have over there? " I would say yes. And he would add "but it's nothing bad, we all have our imperfections like me look I also have a space there *" he would tell me that he finds my profile beautiful ( not randomly, we were talking about it but still) and he had a huge smile from the beginning till the end of my appointment, giggling. also at some point my face was against his body, really touching it (touching his lower belly or hopefully dick;) ) the right side of my face was against him while he was just doing a cleaning.. And more but that's the most important I guess, at the end of my appointment when the assistant is supposed to walk me back to the front he stepped in between us and said that HE will walk me back, while walking me back I had that strong gut feeling that he was gonna ask me for my number, skip forward after some talking he ended up writing his cell phone number telling me to call him if I have questions while "blinking" at me.. OHH and also when he left after handing me that paper, before entering the room he was about to enter he turned his head to take a last look at me, he literally turned 180° and looked straight at me, for I don't know what? He came out 2 more times and did it again the 2 times, WHY DO YOU GUYS THINK HE TURNED BEFORE LEAVING TO LOOK AT ME? I just went for a normal check up, no surgery or anything, WAS HE INTERESTED IN ME? For the record, I'm really into him.

He wrote his private cell phone number under his name on a reference, the reference was for me to see an orthodontist.. The reference tho was FOR ME not for the orthodontist. The orthodontist did confirm to me that I don't need to bring any reference since he does need it and it's for the client (me).
Since he does not** need it I meant


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  • Next time he gives you an oral exam, ask him if you can give him an oral exam and see what he responds.


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  • The man wants you in a bad way. (that term actually means in a good way)
    The tennis ball is now on your side of the net. If I were you, I'd hit it back to his side.
    I think what you're wondering, is, are you just imagining this possible attraction of his.
    The chances of him not being attracted to you, are slim, to none. Be a brave little soldier.
    Call him and tell him that your insurance has lapsed. Ask him if he would consider making a house-call. Tell him that you'll try and make it up to him in non-monetary way. :)
    He'll be there in 5 minutes. (depending on traffic)

    • Awww you're so sweet :)) but you think that he just wants sex?

    • ? Is that what you meant?

    • Mothers used to say to their daughters:

      "The way to a man's heart, is through his stomach."

      There are much better ways. :)
      Play your cards right, and he might put a ring on your finger.
      But... for now, he's probably just after your body. The ball's in your court.

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  • Probably just likes your teeth. Maybe he's really passionate about his work.

  • he is into you big time

    • At which moment did you cone to that conclusion? What made it?

    • all the little things that he did hinted at it but him walking you up himself and giving you his number made it loud and clear

  • well he's into your mouth at least

    • more seriously, isn't obvious?
      or are you really spicing the whole story compared to what really happened?

      anyway, that's a good start, go for it, use that number... bla bla bla, links, bla bla bla, relationship, bla bla bal sex, bla bla bla building together...

      on the long run: a man in loves for you will have you carved in his mind, you'll be the first thing he thinks about when he wakes up in the morning, even while having a strong morning wood.

      good luck, enjoy and savor

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    • Thanks!
      At which point did you think he was into me or orals with me? Is it after I described how nice he was? Or?

    • oh god xD

      that was a joke: he is dentist

      being into patient's mouth

      he gonna love that cute silliness of yours

  • Yes he does.

  • Sounds like he wants oral.

  • You find it attractive?


What Girls Said 3

  • He pretty much seems attracted to you lol gurl, the signs are so clear that he likes your presence lol

  • Girl you think everybody like you now your dentist? You sound thirsty that your face was close to his body , of course we all lay down when we go to the dentist. If he gave you his phone number he probably find it easy to fuck u.

    • Has anybody even gave you their numbers first of all? Awwe go cry in your corner

    • omg girl yes guys have gave me their number and without flirting at them.

  • Yes, he wants to jump your bones


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