More Male/Female Interaction Questions?

Seeing how I'm still new to GAG and notice how it's almost the only site where both male and females reply to your questions.. I decided to stick to this site for questions regarding attraction and relationships.

I'll keep it to 3 questions for this one

And my question (s) again deal with attraction.

1. What makes someone (physically) attractive to you personally? (Male and Female opinion)

2. If you see someone attractive, how do you act/react to them. (Example: approach them, stare at them etc) (Male or Female Opinion)

3. In your opinion/ experiences, do attractive people get approached never, sometimes, often, or all the time? (Male or female Opinion)


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What Girls Said 1

  • 1. Youthful-looking face, tall, prominent veins. Helps people with no intention of gaining anything from them, witty.
    2. I act towards them the exact same way I act towards anyone else.
    3. Sometimes.


What Guys Said 1

  • 1. Girls who are attractive to me tend to be on the slimmer side with very proportional features (not giant boobs and butt with a slim waist). They smile and laugh a lot and seem like they're always having a good-time.

    2. Now I try to keep a distance since I'm married. When I was single I just casually chatted with everyone around me, whether they were attractive to me or not. If I saw one who really caught my eye, I'd just kind of start working my way towards her while mingling with everyone on the way and hope we get into a fun and playful conversation so that I can ask her out. I wasn't typically the type to directly approach any girl. I'd just kind of socialize with everyone and "stumble" (whether by accident or strategically) into a pretty one and ask her out.

    3. Stand-offish people tend to never get approached. Sometimes very attractive people give off that vibe and you can see like a hot girl at a party crossing her arms in a corner while no guy wants to bother approaching. If someone is quite attractive though and looks ultra friendly and really approachable, they tend to get approached left and right.

    • For #3 I used "attractive" just in terms of physical shape. If we use a broader definition, then by definition "attractive" should get you lots of attention from the opposite sex. It means all outwardly characteristics: charisma, physical body shape, character, posture, way of speaking, etc. all come into play.

      In that sense even a beauty queen with a RBF who constantly crosses her arms and looks guarded is only "attractive" in terms of physical shape. She's not "attractive" in the broader outwardly sense that draws people to her.

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