How to approach a guy in school that you don't know?

There's this guy who's in a year lower than me and we were sitting at the same table next to each other with a different circle of friends each.. My friends told me he kept glancing at me and staring at me and my phone while I was using it. Shortly after, I overheard him and his friend talk (In another language but I understood because I've been learning it) where his friend gave him advice such as "Ask if she has a boyfriend or ask her for her number". However, I'm still not sure it was me even though all of that happened lmao (Not sure who the "she" really is)

He ended up leaving and every time we pass by each other we have long eye contact where he doesn't look away but nothing happens. We don't know each other and since we have no classes together I don't know how to approach him. Any tips on how to not be creepy? Should I just randomly compliment what he wears one day?


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  • Do u have his snapchat? You could try becoming friends with some of his friends. Do you know if he's on a sports team or a certain club? Get your friends to talk with them. Like maybe one of your friends strike a conversation by turning around and saying "yo are you guys a year younger or smth? I've seen u around". and then maybe start talking. Get their snapchats or smth. And make sure u get his as well XD. And then start texting to get to know him. If he's in a drama production or musical or something after school, join it (if u have the ability to). MHO? XD

    • We only have 1 mutual friend but I dunno what to ask that friend to do LOL and im not close but my other friends are close to her. I don't have his snapchat! But I know his fb but we're not friends on it, I don't know whether its better to add him on fb randomly (and not have anything to talk about) or just come and approach him irl

    • if he's shown interest in you, then you could do this. Ask your friend to strike a conversation with one of his friends (if ur friend is a good conversationalist). Then it wouldn't feel as awkward. u then turn around and say "hey, I've seen u around. u a grade younger or smth? I'm sophia" (Or whatever ur own name is). if he looks weirded out and doesn't seem like he wants to talk, just say "ok then." and turn around to keep talking with ur girl friends. Don't make it seem like u feel awkward. Even if u do, don't show it. It'll just make things more awkward. Try to make it as casual as u can. Also, if he shows interest in talking, just ask him for his snap. Don't randomly add him on fb and never talk. Do that after u have done some snapping with him.

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