Girls, teen girls, how do you feel about dating guys in their mid 20s?

Hypothetically let's say it's legal, if your a teen girl would you date a guy in his mid 20s? Why or why not?


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  • Yea, def. i dig older guys and i font see the prob with it...

    • im 24, so im curious, what would the key differences be between me dating a girl my own age and yours?

    • Well with dating someone younger you have to be patient, understand she's young and there's a lot she may need, a lot to learn etc... basically you have to be ready to accompany her on her growth journey, some of us (teens) are bratty, whiny, depressed all of that so getting into a relationship with us you have to be ready to be that rock and actually help.
      With dating someone your own age, they typically know what they want, they have their shit together (or should), and their more stable if you will.
      Dating an younger girl will allow you guys to grow together though, building a strong relationship and i think thats really good, given the relationship is healthy

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  • I've always dated older guys. When I was 16 I dated a 23 year old. 17 dated a 21 y/o. 18 I dated ages 24-38 lol


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