Is he stringing me along or afraid of rejection?

We met 6 weeks ago, had 3 dates one week each. then he went away for work for 3 weeks.

He asked for my surname on first date. Kissed me on second, then on third date he talked about things we should do when he is back, I saw that as fake future and probably is trying to push for sex on third date... he tried to hold my hand in public but I didn't feel comfortable. He gave me chocolate and told him to let him know if I like it. He tried to come to my place at the end of third date I told him no.

The day after He texted me before he got on the plane. I never let him know if I like the chocolate, he followed me on instagram but I'm not following back. I can see most of the girls he follows are skinny like fashion model. I'm more atheletic like fitness model so I don't think I'm his type... Since then He would text me here and there but he isn't really that curious about my life. He texted me last week I responded ask him questions. He replied but didn't ask me anything. So I stopped texting him.

One week later he text me to talk about himself telling me he is back and asked about me. I responded since he is asking me some real questions. He hasn't ask me for fourth date.


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  • why exactly do you think he is stringing you along because of some instagram pics? it sounds like he is showing signs of intrest and is trying to escalate on whatever you two have

    • Yep I feel like he wants skinny fashion model not a fitness model. He did say I'm the only date he had since he joined the site. Feels like I'm the place holder until he finds a skinny girl?

      Also I feel like he is stringing me along because he only text a few times a week, also he is not really that inquisitive about my life. I'm the one who asked more questions like how is your trip for you? how do you feel when you are back? He only asked about me after I ignored his last text.. took him one week to follow up, yet he hasn't asked me out and he hasn't responded to my text. He has time to post story on instagram...

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    • not sure about that 1 some people just really like talking about themselves and it's annoying

    • I know right. I stopped responding cosbits all about him and he didn't ask me any questions to extend the convo. I guess he learnt how to keep the convo going and now that I responded he is not responding.

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  • I would be skeptical in regards to his intentions.

    • How would you approach it? Would you confront him?

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    • I think it would be better to do that in person.

    • Alright I will wait until he asks me out

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  • Guys are not that complicated. If he is not making plans to see you in face to face, he is stringing you along.

  • I'm sure you'll need time to see and work

    • That doesn't help much. Anyone could say that

    • I'm sorry

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